Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My First Flight!

I'm so excited! I get to fly to St. Louis to visit my great grandparents, my great aunt's and uncles, and my second cousins with my Mom this week! It will be my first time to fly and my first time to meet my mom's family, except Great Nana B...she came down to take care of me when I was born...a LONG time ago...5 1/2 months already (my entire existence)! She might not even recognize me, since I've lost most of my luxurious orange hair and my sideburns, or my 'chops' as Mom and Dad called them. Mom's a little nervous about the flight...she's already prepared an apology for all of the people sitting around us on the plane...I'm not sure why. But anyway...when we get there, I will have a different crib, a different stroller, and new toys! Cool! Mom's grandma & aunts scrounged up a bunch of baby stuff so we don't have to lug all of my stuff on the plane. Mom will have her hands full with me alone...

Mom told me that my great grandparents house has a whole room downstairs with carpet...I can roll all over the floor to my hearts content! No more worries of rolling off the rug and onto the hardwood floors. Exciting! This will be the best vacation ever!

This will be my last post for the week...I'm sure Mom will be taking TONS of pictures of me on my first va-cay, so I'll be sure to post them next week when we get back!

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