Sunday, November 30, 2008

My St. Louis Trip!

I never got to post the pictures from our St. Louis trip, so here they
are! I sure had fun with my great grandparents (Great) Nana B. and Bobpa (not to be confused with my Nana, or Gram as she may decide to be called instead to prevent confusion...there are a lot of Nana's in my Mom's family already!). I got to do all sorts of cool stuff...They took me to Union Station, a cool old train station converted to a shopping mall and I ate lunch there with my Mom and Nana B. and boy did I make a lot of noise. Not so much crying, per se, but just baby gibberish and lots of if. Mom had to apologize to all the people sitting around our table. Nana B. said I am the most vocal baby she's ever met! I was just taking advantage of having an audience around us. We also got to go to the City Museum, a museum that uses reclaimed building fragments to create cool things to climb on. It was an architectural marvel and Mom was in hog heaven. She said all architects need to visit this place before they die! ( I definitely plan to go back there in a few years when I am old enough to climb around on everything. I'm sure I'll be able to climb well with my monkey toes, or my opposable thumbs for toes as Dad and Mom call them...

But because I can be such a handful for Mom, we mostly spent time hanging out at home with family. I got to see my Great Aunt Diane and Aunt Lynn a lot and my Great Uncle Bill and my second cousin Sam babysat me while Mom went to see Kayla play the cello at her recital. I gave those two a hard time and pitched a red-headed tantrum! I even refused to eat my dinner when they tried to feed me. I think I wore Uncle Bill down! I also got to play with my second cousins Kayla and Amelia a lot too while we were visiting and they are very fun, as I'm sure you can see in my 'Heston is the Best' video clip I posted a week or so ago! I also got to try out my musical skills on the piano...I really enjoyed banging on it and making lots of noise. Speaking of noise, (but nice noise, that is) Nana B. played the cello for me and I was absolutely mesmerized. The deep low sound of the cello had me transfixed for several minutes as she played and everyone is now convince that I may be the next Yo-Yo Ma, but with wild red hair. I do like an audience and making noise, so you never know! But out of this trip, Mom has decided that I will play a musical instrument of some sort...of my choosing of course...and that I'm not to be ALL brawn and focus solely on sports as my Daddy wants me to do!

Side Note about the pictures: The absolutely adorable photo of me in my coordinating blue hat and sweater was the outfit Nana B. made for me! I'm also supposed to point out that Nana B. doesn't have any makeup in some of these pictures and she'll probably be mortified that I posted them...but she looks far better than even a 20 year old would look without makeup, so she has nothing to worry about. Mom hopes she looks that good when she's a great grandmother one day!

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