Friday, November 7, 2008

Scooting Around

Last night, my Mommy and Daddy were watching me as I played on my new rain forest floor mat. I was lying on my back playing with the dangly-toy-things that hang over the mat when I flipped over onto my tummy and almost started scooting. I did this by scrunching my knees up close to my body as they were flattened against the ground…almost like those battery operated toy soldiers that can creep along the floor! I know my parents were impressed, I could see it in their faces! But they bought the rain forest play mat a little too late…It keeps me entertained for a long time, but it’s a challenge just to keep me from rolling or scooting off of it. My favorite thing to do is roll around, flipping myself from one side to the other. They constantly have to put me back on the mat, because I’m rolling off of it and into furniture! Life is about to get really chaotic for Mom and Dad, because I’m determined to get this crawling thing down soon! Get ready!

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