Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mama Drama

I said I wasn't going to blog until my week back from vacation, but I lied! My first flight yesterday was far too interesting not to share!

There was a little bit of drama for Mom...For starters, Mom forgot my bottle in the car and realized it after we checked our luggage at the airport. Of all of the things to forget, that would be the worst! But not a big deal...Mom made Dad run back to the car to get it. Thanks Dad...I can't be without my milk! Then we were off...Dad kissed us goodbye and Mom and I went to sit down at our gate about an hour before the flight. About 30 minutes into it, Mom decided to take me to the bathroom and change me 'just in case'...better try now before it becomes difficult on the plane. To Mom's pleasant surprise, when she opened my diaper to check me, my diaper was dry and poop free...until, of course, I peed all over the place! Ha ha...I got it all over my overalls, all over my shirt, and it ran down my side and onto my back and I was lying in it! What a mess I'd think she'd have this pee thing figured out by now! (Seriously). So she stripped me down, cleaned me off, put on a fresh diaper, and went to grab clean back-up clothes out of my carry-on bag...only, she forgot to pack them! They were all in my suitcase that she dropped off at the baggage check. Not good. She was almost in tears, but not me...I was squealing and having a great time! I love a cold wipe on the hiney every now-and-then! So Mom had a tough decision to make...carry me around the airport with nothing but a diaper on, like a Hill-billy baby, or put on stinky wet clothes. She dabbed my overalls & T-shirt off with a paper towel and put them back on. Then she strapped me to her in the Baby Bjorn (pee and all) and went back to the gate. Mom prayed to the airplane Gods that I wouldn't poop on the flight.

Our plane started to pre-board and mom went up to give the steward our tickets...except they said only business elite could board and that 'they don't do that anymore' for Mom's with baby's. You've GOT to be kidding me. They made us board last, after everyone was settled and all the 'open seating' was pretty much filled. She asked the flight attendant at the front of the plane, 'Where she recommended we sit,' and the flight attendant rudely said, 'Sit's open seating.' Yeah, we got that part, but Mom politely pointed out that it might be nice to have a seat by the bathrooms since she had a little one, but the stewardess didn't seem to be too concerned about our situation. Mom was fuming! So we headed toward the isle...the plane was packed all the way down...and Mom attempted to squeeze through the isle with a baby strapped on front, two baby bags hanging on both sides of her, and a thick baby blanket and toys in her arms...we were as wide as the plane and about to bump into everyone as we walked through to find a seat. One lady offered mom her seat at the front, mom politely refused and thanked her but said it wasn't necessary, but the lady insisted. Sweet! However the guy sitting in the seat next to us looked pretty devastated! Mom apologized for his bad luck of sitting next to the lady with a potentially fussy baby. Who me?'s Mom he should be worried about at this point! She might cry more than me! But he was cool...the plane was approaching lift-off when Mom was holding me, scrambling to get my bottle (so I could drink it when we took off so my ears wouldn't pop), open packets of formula and dump it into the bottle of water, all while I was trying to play with it! Tricky! The guy took the bottle from mom, filled the remaining packets of formula in there, shook it up, and handed it back. Whoa, he's done that before! I started drinking contently and we lifted off. Thanks milk-guy. You're not I stared at him with admiration the entire time I drank my milk. He seemed to get a kick out of that...

After I ate, I slept for a while and when I woke up, we were making our descent. I played a little and milk-guy even played with me too. It was a good time. I made a few squeals of protest towards the end for good measure, but I figured I had better be easy on Mom or she might loose it.

Once we landed, we graciously thanked Milk-guy and we were on our way off to baggage claim. Mom gathered our giant suitcase, my giant car seat, two carry-on bags, my blanket, and me and pondered how she was going to carry all this stuff to the pickup area outside where Great Nana B. was waiting...she didn't have cash to rent one of those luggage cart things. Again...not good! Another outstanding citizen offered to load up our luggage on his cart and carry it out to the pick-up area. So chivalry isn't dead after all! Mom thanked him two dozen times (if not more), told him he was an angel, and then we met up with Great Nana B! It was quite an adventure...and Mom praised me multiple times for being the 'perfect' travel baby. No big whoop...I'm a sweetie and I do what I can...My good behavior on the flight made her forget about the great pee incident an hour before!

So Mom wanted me to announce that Southwest Airlines stinks a big fat poopy diaper...I offered to leave them a little present in my seat for the witchy stewardess to find, but Mom declined. Poo!...(no pun intended)...

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Kay said...

Dear Heston, it was fun reading about your first plane flight. I'm so glad that you helped to make the flight interesting for your mommy. And I'm so proud of you that you didn't cry and make the other passengers upset. You are the best boy in the whole world (cutest too)!! We are having so much fun with you on your first visit to our house. We love you very much!

Love n' kisses, Nana and Bobpa