Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Travel is Exhausting!!

So Mom and I have been home from St. Louis for a week and it was a wonderful trip and
we loved seeing family, but Mom's POOPED and still recovering! I think she underestimated how much of a handful I can be...especially when she's
taking care of me solo without Dad! Dad asked mom if she missed
him...she said she definitely did, but especially because he wasn't
there to do the night shift diaper duty! (Kidding, of course). So Mom's
exhaustion is the reason for the abandonment of the blog for so
long...a whole week! (Considering I post blogs hourly, that's a big
deal). So to my extensive fanbase, I do apologize...

So a quick recap on my flight home... I was fussy before we even stepped on the plane...It was an evening flight, I skipped my nap, and I wasn't happy. Everyone waiting to board the plane was staring at us as I was screaming and Mom was pacing and one person even asked if we were flying on that flight. No, Lady, we just thought we'd stand around here for fun! Sheesh! We couldn't preboard (again), so mom was flustered from the get-go and had a fun discussion with the steward boarding the plane. Things only went downhill from there when she had to board after half the plane was filled and had to bump into everyone on the way down the isle. We sat all the way in the back and Mom assumed (and hoped) that nobody in their right mind would sit down next to the lady with the baby...wrong! Some poor sap plopped down right next to us. I started squalling shortly after and I rejected the bottle Mom was trying to feed me. She attempted for several minutes to get me to drink out of it (so again, my ears wouldn't pop at lift-off), but I wasn't having any of it. Yuk, give me the 'good stuff' already! I screamed for 5 minutes straight and just as the plane was lifting off, Mom gave up and nursed me...as discretely as possible...but with a man sitting right next to us! At that point, Mom could care less. I was still difficult during my feeding, but eventually fell asleep. Mom was relieved. The good thing is, I was the best baby of the bunch...we could hear several other babies throughout the plane and they were far louder than me! AND I didn't poop on the plane, unlike the baby behind us, so I deserve a LITTLE credit...

So we are back at home and starting to get back to a routine. However, I was sick yesterday and had a fever and boy was I pitiful...Mom, Dad, and Grammie, who was watching me for part of the day, must have felt bad for me because I was pampered, held, and rocked non-stop. That helped a little and I liked the constant attention. I'm better today, except for the fact that I haven't pooped in 3 days. Mom's worried, but I assured her that I'm just a little backed up and it'll happen all in good time. I'll be sure to update you tomorrow on the status of that...cross your fingers!

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