Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Pool Time

I haven’t posted much lately and I need to update my blog on a few of my latest words the past few weeks:

- Bubbles – I said this as clear as day when Mom took me swimming in my kiddy pool on our patio…Mom was very impressed because this is a pretty complicated word!
- Lara – I can say my Aunt Lara’s name! Well, it actually sounded more like ‘Wara’, but close enough. She’s the first person I’ve named, other than ‘Ma-ma’ and ‘Dad-die’ or ‘Da-da’…and of course my greyhound buddy, Bella…
- Hi! – I looked straight at Mom and said ‘Hi!’ with a big smile on my face. She thought it was so cute.
- Ball – I’ve been saying this for several months, but this weekend I went crazy with this word. I’ve discovered my Auburn Football and I must hold it at all times and repeat the word over and over…ball…BALL…BAAAAAALLLL! Dad loves this and was trying to teach me words like ‘fumble’ and ‘touch down’. Mom’s seeing her life flash before her eyes: Many years of football obsessed boys in the house to come…yikes.
- Milk – I love this word and use it all the time. My Bobpy took me swimming in the redneck pool last weekend (an above ground pool at the ‘ranch’) and I kept repeating ‘milk’ while I was swimming, according to my Aunt Lisa. No one knew what I meant, because it actually sounds like ‘moaw,’ until my Mom cleared up the confusion later. Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth? Give me MOAW! Why wouldn’t I want a cold refreshing glass of milk while taking a leisure dip in the pool?

There are many other words I can say, but of course when it comes time to remember them all for the blog, the mind goes blank…

So we had a nice laid back weekend. Saturday afternoon, we went to one of my parents favorite Mexican restaurants for lunch and you guessed it, I got a cheese quesadilla…Yum! Then we drove over to Mt. Laurel to stroll around the area and go to the playground. I love that playground and I got to go down the slide a few times, crawl around the jungle gym, climb on the choo-choo train, and my favorite, go on the swing. Unfortunately, it was so darn hot, we made it a quick trip because it was too miserable outside to really enjoy walking around. But the heat made it perfect swimming weather and I got to go swimming twice on Sunday…once in the morning in my kiddy pool on the patio (Mom cleaned out the contamination - see previous post) and once at the ranch with Bobpy. In the morning, I started out just sitting in the water splashing around, I eventually grew confident and started leap frogging around the pool on my hands and knees. That was a lot of fun because water splashed everywhere and when Mom would try to get me out, I’d leap to the other side so she couldn’t get me! I was in NO hurry to get out of there because I was having a great time! Until, that is, I sat up and lost my balance and tipped backwards so that I was lying on my back in the water. I sucked in a mouthful of water and although Mom said I had a look of absolute horror and panic on my face when it happened, I recovered quickly. No tears. Then I kept trying to do it again (I’m such a daredevil) and would laugh every time, but mom didn’t like it, so I had to stop. Later that day, when I went to the ranch, my grandpa would blow on my face so I would hold my breath and then he would plunge me completely under the water! It was AWESOME and I kept smiling every time he did it…again, I like to live on the wild side! But I managed to be a good little boy and I didn’t poop in the pool this time…I took care of my biz beforehand, so Mom was happy!

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