Monday, June 8, 2009

My Future Wife

(Photo curtesy of Taylor's blog.)

Mom, Dad, and I went to Auburn to visit my ‘Aunt’ Jenny and ‘Uncle’ Lance and their new baby daughter, Taylor Elizabeth. (Jenny is one of Mom's B.F.'s from college). She is one pretty little girl with ‘luscious’ lips like Angelina Jolie (as Megan Rogers would say). I’m sure she’s going to be a complete knock out when she gets older, so I’m telling my Mom that we need to be sure to keep in touch with them over the years! But I was really fascinated by Taylor’s cries…I kept looking at her like, “That little thing can make all that noise?” It was impressive…as was her stash of Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals in her crib and boy did I want to sink my teeth into a few of those. But Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me…but I did get to take a spin in Taylor’s cool activity center, so that entertained me for a while, while Mom rocked little Taylor.

Unfortunately, I was not on my best behavior when we were visiting. I didn’t nap very well on the car ride down, so when we got there, I was completely crabby. I was scowling a lot and taking swipes at my Mom…nobody else, just Mom…but I did give everyone my signature angry face to let them know I wasn’t happy.

As everyone knows, food is a key ingredient to keeping me happy…which is why I’m a little on the chubby side, I suppose. I got to try two new snacks on the car ride to and from Auburn and Mom was REALLY glad she packed these, because they kept me entertained for most of the trip. Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts (freeze dried whipped yogurt pieces) and ‘lil crunchies…the ‘lil crunchies being my absolute favorite! They’re like whole grain Cheetos, without the orange cheese 'dust.' I love me some cheetos…I tried them for the first time at my school end-of-the-year party and they were awesome! I ate Cheetos and a chocolate chip cookie and Mom, who feeds me nothing but organic or healthy food, was shocked to see me eating junk! (Although Mom admits that my cheese quesadilla fetish isn’t exactly healthy, but it keeps me happy and allows Mom and Dad to eat out at their favorite Mexican restaurants, so she allows them.) But anyway, she figured a few junk snacks here and there are okay, as long as it’s not a regular occurrence. So, because I liked the cheetos, she bought me the ‘lil crunchies and I love them! I especially love to crush the puffed whole grain and corn snack with my fingers and I make a tough ‘don’t mess with me’ face as I do it, which apparently resembles the face I make when I’m pooping. I think Mom was intimidated…I am one tough dude because I can crush these corn snacks with my bare fingers -I'm not a force to be reckoned with!

Another food update: Mom let me have cow's milk instead of formula this weekend since I'm officially old enough to drink it...not bad not bad...much better than that powdered milk stuff I've been drinking! I'm not sure if it will totally replace the formula (Mom needs to research that), but it may substitute it occasionally...yum!

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Jenny said...

Don't worry Heston, my lips are only for you! :)