Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Developments and 12 Month Checkup

I finally had my 12 month checkup today...this is something Mom kept putting off because she didn't want me to have any vaccinations with my cold, which has lingered for about a month! Now that it has finally gone away, Mom decided to take me in. So when I got there, the nurse weighed me and I'm a stout 26 lbs. 7.5 ounces and I'm 30 inches long. I fall in the 80th percentile for size, so I'm a little discouraged that my healthy appetite hasn't knocked me into a higher category, but I'll keep working at it. Then I had to get two shots on my meaty thighs and let the record state that I did not cry, I did not even wince or flinch, and the nurse said I need to teach a class to all the other babies because that never happens. That's right folks...thighs...of...steel. They may look squishy, but don't be deceived. So if any of you babies want to take lessons from the master, give me a shout. (That's right too.)

So about two weeks ago, I threw my first full-body tantrum. Body went limp. I melted to the ground while Mom was holding my arm. I threw my head back for added drama. I rather enjoyed it. So I hadn't tried it again until I was home with Mom yesterday and today. Now, I'm adding it to my daily routine. I also turn the happy and angry face on and off like the switch of a light. One second I'm smiling and laughing, the next I'm scowling and hitting my mom on the face with a plastic recorder. Mom says, "Terrible two's my foot! Try terrible ones!" Whatever Mom...

So I said two words together two days ago! I said, "Hi, Daddy!" Mom and
Dad were very excited that I could make the connection with a greeting
and a name. I've also been saying 'Daddy!' Every time I hear him come
through the door after work, so that makes them both excited too.

I've had some new food the past few days: Watermelon, which is quite
delicious, bread and butter which is equally fantastic, and best of
all, a hamburger and french fries! (Not the fast food junk, either, but the good stuff from Five Guys). I'm not a big eater of meat just yet, but I'm working at it. I have a new pointy tooth coming in up front and it's apparently a tooth that can be used to shred meat steak eating is just around the!

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Addy's Mommy said...

Such a brave little boy! Give Adelyn some pointers because we are going this week for vaccinations.