Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sinking My Teeth Into... Dad! Dad has been laughing hysterically at my little ‘hitting problem’ when I aim them at Mom, but he didn’t laugh much when I bit him last night. Dad and I were playing on the floor and I was a little cranky because I didn’t nap very well yesterday. Well, out of no where, I rolled my head onto his shoulder and bit him. I’m not sure where the urge to bite came from, but I couldn’t resist. Dad yelled and realized what I had done after there were slobber marks from my mouth on his shirt. This morning when Dad was getting ready for work, he noticed a pink puffy welt where I took a bite...I must have packed a lot of punch with that one for it to last overnight! I’m impressed with myself!

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Kay said...

Dear little Heston,

You do have some devilish traits. Hitting mommy and biting daddy are not adorable activities. It would be so much easier, if you weren't so cute. It's so hard to yell at such a cute baby, but yelling with an angry face would be more effective than laughing. You'll have to have patience with your parents. They are learning.