Friday, June 12, 2009

It's A-L-I-V-E!!!!!

Well wonders never cease...this evening, while I was attempting to get a little shut-eye, it started storming and we briefly lost power in our house. When the power came back on, Dad got up to check something and noticed a very odd fancy-shmancy LCD baby monitor, which Mom and Dad practically took a loan out for and was thought to have bit the dust, came back alive! Alabama Power replaced our house's power meter without notifying my parents several months ago...and consequently, the power surge from the new meter fried the LCD baby monitor (or so my parents thought). Mom and Dad couldn't get that thing working again...couldn't explain why that would happen...and we've been without the TV screen for probably 6 months. I was particularly upset, because I love living my own little reality show, with a camera on me at ALL TIMES. But thanks to the weekly Alabama severe weather and an equally devastating power outage to counter-act the damage from the power meter surge, it's back up and running. I now have a camera to capture my every move, so I guess I better not be up to any more secret missions or shenanigans during the night!

With Mom's cell phone coming back alive two weeks ago and now this, she's wondering what other stroke of luck may come our way. She just may drive to the Alabama/Georgia line and buy a few lottery tickets!

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Lori said...

I'm in Atlanta now! Want me to bring you back some tickets? lol.