Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When Doodie Calls

Thanks to all this intense Alabama summer heat, I've been able to enjoy a little pool time to keep cool. Gram babysat me yesterday for a few hours and she cleaned out my kiddy pool on the back patio that had been filled with nasty bugs, leaves, and rain water. She scrubbed it down and filled it back up with fresh water and my tub toys so I could take a dip. Boy did I love it! So today, because I enjoy it so much, Mom let me go swimming twice! I went swimming in the morning and then she let me take another dip in the pool after lunch. I had successfully gotten mac-n-cheese all over me at lunch and instead of Mom bathing me in the bathtub, she thought she'd let me take another swim since the pool was all set up. Well, after a while, I realized that I REALLY needed to go, if you know what I mean...and when doodie calls, doodie calls! So I pooped in the pool without Mom realizing it because I was wearing my snug 'little swimmers' diapers that held it all in. Until, that is, water started dissolving it into the pool and mom eventually figured it out! Man, was there a lot of 'Ewww's! and 'Ughs!' I don't know what all the fuss was about, but she stripped me down in the grass and hosed off my behind with cold water! That got a few squeals out of me! But after that, Mom wouldn't let me go back into the 'contaminated' pool because she needed to drain the dirty water out. Pool time was over...

Later today, my Aunt Lara babysat me and we had a bunch of fun. Mom especially wants to thank Grammie, Gram, and Lara for all their help babysitting me recently while Mom studied and took exams. She knows it has been a lot to ask because I'm such a handful! She's going to take a much needed hiatus on the testing for a while, which is good because we haven't had as much fun-time together because of it. (No trips to the zoo or botanical gardens!).

Yesterday was my great grandmother's 80th Birthday and the family put on a big surprise party with all of Gaga's friends and in-town family. Happy 80th Birthday Gaga! It was a lot of fun and of course I always enjoy an opportunity to get attention from TONS of ladies!

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