Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spending The Night

Last night, after a fun-packed 'Monday with Grammie,' I got to sleep over...It was awesome! Mom needed to study for her exams, so I stayed the night and part of this morning to give her the extra time to do her study-business. I got to eat at Logan's Steakhouse with the Lazenby's and Rogers last night and stay up past my bedtime. Then, my Grammie and Aunt Lara took me to Hobby Lobby the following morning, where I got to get a few cool toys...a maraca, a long plastic whistle, and this funny thing you shake and it makes strange monkey sounds! The whistle was the coolest and I was surprised to find that I could blow into it and a funny noise would come out! It made me laugh every time. So I took my new toys to lunch at Full Moom BBQ, where Mommy and Gaga met up with us. I got to eat some yummy grilled cheese (a new favorite!) and play with my new whistle. When Mom tried to take away my new toys so I could eat, I would squeal with anger. I threw in a few angry scowls at everyone for good measure. I was totally pooped afterwards and fell asleep on the car ride home. It was a fun 24 hours...I got to eat out twice, which is always a great opportunity to cause a ruckus...and now Mom can count on some good solid naptime from me today because I wore myself out!

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