Monday, February 9, 2009

Operation Christening: Success!

Yesterday was my big day and it went better than expected. Before the big show, I got to hang out in the church parlor and Mom changed me into my white christening jumper and bonnet. I sure looked cute! Mom and Dad brought my blanket, laid it on the floor, and I got to lounge around and chew things for a while until my family showed up for a quick visit before heading to take their seats. I met with the minister, learned my cues, and then we made our way to the sanctuary. I was very fascinated by the lights, music and interesting noises. My Uncle Todd, sitting next to me, also entertained me and kept me smiling until it was time for my shining moment.

The minister gave us the cue and we walked up to the front of the church. Aunt Alison and Uncle Swede (Chris), my godparents, stood behind my parents. Mom took off my bonnet to reveal my bright orange hair to the masses…”OOOoooo…” said the crowd…well, not really, but you know they were thinking it. So then Mom handed me over to the man in the robes. The minute the transfer took place, the show began: POUTY LIP…SCRUNCHED UP NOSE …MY FACE LIT UP A VIBRANT SHADE OF PINK…AND THEN CAME THE PITIFUL BABY SOBS. ‘Waaa ah ah!’ Oh yeah, and I even kicked the minister a few times with my white baby booties for added effect. (That one I pulled out of the hat at the last minute!) I looked back at my Mom and Dad and threw them a quick wink; mom stifled her giggles as much as she could. Then they put water on my head. LOUDER pitiful cries from me. I got immediate “Awwwwws…” from the congregation. Success! Then the minister walked me down the isle of the church and back up. I was doing the best lip quiver I could muster, as all eyes were adoringly on me as we marched down the isles. That was the most interesting part because I was fascinated by the shiny cross bobbing in front of me and all of the people, colors, and sounds around me. When we made our way back up to the front, Mom took me back into her arms and then my glorious moment came to an end. It was good, I can’t deny it. I was a show-stopper. And all my family watching would agree, I think…

So we went to celebrate at the Village Tavern for a lovely brunch. I ate a delicious plate of puffed cereal and a bottle of milk, while others dined on omelets, waffles, and big people food. They even had a beautiful cake with my name on it from Edgars. I got to try a little taste of frosting but didn’t care for it and I cried. I was getting sleepy at this point because I had already skipped two naps! But I was very well behaved despite the lack of sleep and Mom constantly praised me for being the ‘perfect’ baby. That’s what I’m best at…being perfect.

So overall, it was a great day and a great weekend (pictures of my previous day outside at the ranch with Bobpy and the farm animals to come soon!)

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