Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth of July Weekend

I had a great fourth of July weekend. On Friday, Mom and Dad took me to the science center since it was so hot out and they wanted to take me somewhere that could both keep me entertained and keep them cool. So we got to the McWayne Center and Dad made the comment that something smelled nasty in the lobby. He left, went to buy tickets, and to Mom's horror, the nasty stench in the lobby was actually the poop oozing out of my diapers. She didn't realize this until she picked me up and had me propped on her hip for a minute. Then she was like, "What is this liquid on my hand? Did your bottle leak?...Oh...My...GOSH!!!!" It was pretty funny. Mom was about to call it a day before it even started, but she decided to suck it up, clean me off, and let me run around in diapers. (But mom felt nasty the whole time because she knew she probably had poop on her brown shirt...fortunately, it was brown.) I had tons of fun...there were a lot of things to play with...large foam blocks I could stack up and knock over, a water feature with shovels and buckets I could splash around with, an aquarium, legos, and my favorite, a toy bin I could crawl into! I was very enthusiastic about everything, played hard, and was incredibly pooped afterwards.

The following day, fourth of July, Mom and Dad put me in the stroller and took me down the street to participate in the neighborhood street parade...which basically consisted of a bunch of kids running up the street and back and then getting ice cream from the ice cream truck. Everyone congregated around the truck and talked, so it wasn't much of anything but an excuse to hang out with neighbors. Later that day, we drove to Smith Lake to go hang out at my Mom's friend's lake house. The place was cool because they had a bunch of fun toys to play with in the living room...different toys from my own, and I sure loved them. I was entertained for a while playing with those and then my parents took me down to the dock to take a swim. Mom's friend Steve set up a canopy over a kiddy pool and I probably spent an hour splashing around in it. It was even better than the one I have at home because the dock rocked back and forth from the waves created by the boats when they went by and it made waves in the kiddy pool! Later, we took a boat ride, which I LOVED...I smiled a huge smile when the boat took off and the wind was blowing on my face! I also got to wear an infant life preserver, which I really was like wearing cushions that I could snuggle up against. I was very tired by this point, so I just laid back and snuggled with my Mom, drank my milk, and enjoyed the wind in my face, and the boat flying up and down on the waves. I look forward to my next boat ride...maybe on my Papa's snazzy new boat!?

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