Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning With Daddy

This morning, Mom and I went for a stroller ride so she could get a little exercise and I could be entertained. It worked! I love stroller rides and I quietly sat in my stroller drinking my milk and appreciating nature. That made Mom happy. Then I ate breakfast without deliberately spitting up my food, throwing it on the floor, or pitching a fit...I was a good boy that ate my breakfast without making a huge messy production of it, so Mom was really happy. Then I took a bath and got squeaky clean. Once I was dressed, I snuggled with my Mom and let her kiss on me...she WAS COMPLETELY HAPPY! Then Dad watched me and Mom left to go to Ross Bridge for a morning at the spa...something Mom had planned to do months ago but with work, tests, and me, she never had the time to go. So Mom was excited to spend 4 hours at the spa being pampered! Then, she met up with Daddy and me at my Grammie and Papa's house, where we were hanging out for the afternoon. We went to Jim 'N Nicks for BBQ earlier in the day before Mom got there and I got to eat cheese biscuits to my hearts content. The waitress also said she couldn't resist and pinched my chubby cheeks. Yes, I've got cheeks-a-plenty! Later on, after Mom was with us, we all went to The Village Tavern for dinner. I was pretty cranky by this time, but we managed to still have a nice dinner and I got to eat some tasty rolls, garlic mashed potatoes, and Grammie even shared some of her cheese quesadilla with me. Yum! When I got home, I took another bath, had a bottle of milk and called it a day. All in all, it was a nice day and I look forward to more one on one time with Daddy when Mom goes to market with Grammie tomorrow!

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