Wednesday, October 7, 2009

15 month check up at 16 months

So Mom took me one month late to my 15 month checkup (typical). She dropped the ball big time, but things have been crazy around here lately, so I will cut her some slack. I've been healthy and growing strong the past few months and my doctor's appointment proved it completely...I am at the top of the charts in height and weight! I'm in the 100 percentile for height and 95% for weight. Dad's happy because at age two, you multiply my height by two to determine how tall I will be one day. I'm already right under 3 feet now, and I still have 8 months left to grow! I'm going to be one freakin huge redheaded beast! Dad is hoping I'll be a linebacker, but Mom doesn't care about my size because she just wants me to be an artist. I just want to be big enough to intimidate all the little kiddies at school so they can't steal my toys!

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Kay said...

It's nice to know that NO ONE will pick on our Heston! If he stays sweet, and I know he will, he won't be a bully either. I agree that he doesn't need to be big to be an artist, but it helps to be big to play the cello! :)