Monday, August 17, 2009

Taking Out My Frustration

I've been getting a little irritated at my Mom lately and I've definitely let my behavior show it...I've been throwing mega blocks at her, grabbing and twisting her skin (I won't say where), and then of course there is the old reliable...making my body go limp and Mom has to scrape me up off the floor while I resist in every way imaginable...I'm really good at that one!

Despite the stinker attitude I've exhibited from time to time, I've been a great eater so that makes my Mom happy because every meal is usually so much effort and she's always exhausted afterwards. She's always trying to get me to eat a variety of stuff...I just like cheese and fruit, lady. Cheese and fruit. Let's keep it simple. (Or anything with cheese in it, such as quesadillas or grilled cheese...or butter, I like that stuff too.) And so I've become a little picky. But my Mom made me this great stew with chunks of chicken and lentils in it and even though I'm a consistency guy and don't care for chunky stringy meat, this was pretty good. So I went to town and ate every bit of it. Mom was happy! Well, if she cooked for me a little more often...good tasting stuff, that is...then maybe I wouldn't be so picky!

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