Monday, August 10, 2009

Giving Kisses

Working out my biceps for the ladies...(I love these weights and go straight to them every time we go to visit my great grandmother! Chip off the old block...)

While I was in NYC, my mom made it a point to teach me something kisses! I immediately picked up on it and started making smacking noises to random people passing by. But I didn't totally get how to give a proper smack on the lips to my parents at first, because I'd bend my head forward with my mouth wide open and would give them a big slobbery kiss! I still do it occasionally...and I've even tried sticking my finger in my mouth, pulling it back out all slobbery and putting it on (or in!) my Mom's mouth when she's not expecting it. Dad laughs hysterically when I try to do that, but for some reason, Mom's not quite as enthusiastic about it. But the regular peck on the lips is a big hit with her because she thinks it's sooooo sweet!


Addy's Mommy said...

Very sweet. Heston is so adorable working on his guns already.

Kay said...

Good for you, Heston, but I'll wait until you have the nice peck on the lips perfected, without the slobber. You are getting so big. I won't recognize you the next time I see you.