Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My New York Trip

Well, I've neglected my blog long enough...Mom's discovered this little thing called facebook and it has taken over her life (she's totally addicted!) But enough is enough...this blog is all about ME, and it's time to give a few updates from the past few weeks.

I went to New York City for my Dad's cousin's wedding, and boy was it ever fun. I got to take my second plane ride and I'm only 14 months old...I'm aiming to be a jet-setter like P-Diddy! The flight was a little rough for my parents because once we got to Atlanta, we found out our flight was canceled and we got booked on a later one. Fortunately, my cousin Adelyn and her family, as well as my Uncle Brent were on the same flight, so it made the waiting time at the airport a little more fun. Adelyn and I had a great time clowning around and I really enjoyed playing with her toys and reading her books at the airport...even if they were pink and princessy and had girly things in the books.

Once we were in NYC, we had a day and a half of wedding activities...Mom was busy going to the bachelorette party (Hunk-a-mania...ha!) and the bridesmaid luncheon, so I got to hang with the boys at the hotel some, which was fun. Then there was an elaborate rehearsal dinner at Duane's Park, where a Thomas-the-Tank-Engine toy, books, and a British teddy bear were waiting for me, compliments of Susan, the Groom's mom...I ate and played for most of the rehearsal dinner with those toys and was so pooped by the end of it, I crashed on mom's shoulder. That NEVER happens and mom was relieved to have a cranky baby off her hands. But speaking of poop, I managed to get poop on Mom's white linen jacket while she was trying to change my diaper in the smallest bathroom in the world. Let me paint the picture: Dad's holding me upright while mom's trying to unbutton my fancy little outfit with a hundred different buttons. Then she shimmies the outfit off and pulls off my diaper while I'm still hanging by my armpits. Surprise, there is poop in there! So poop falls off and part of it hits Mom's jacket. Mom's screaming, Dad's laughing, and my behind is covered in poop and I'm wiggling around. Mom wipes me off as best she could and attempts to put a diaper on me while I'm vertical. Then Dad takes me upstairs back to the rehearsal dinner and Mom tries to find ways to make the poop on her jacket disappear. Fun times, fun times...

The following day was the wedding, which was on an amazing rooftop terrace overlooking the Empire State Building. I was allowed to attend...mistake number one people! I looked at it as my opportunity to have an audience! I started babbling and making funny noises during the ceremony and Mom had to whisk me off to keep me from ruining it...she had to peer through windows to view bits and pieces of the ceremony, but she got to see them kiss as they were declared man and wife, so that made her happy. After that, the reception took place the floor below (while the rooftop remained open for guests to enjoy the rest of the night). For dinner, I ate tasty BBQ from Blue Smoke that was so good, it challenged any Southern BBQ! Then Mom and I danced on the dance floor with Adelyn and her mommy Megan and I really enjoyed that. Mom and I can really cut a rug! (Dad, of course, was MIA from the dance floor and did not dance with Mom or me...sigh).

After the wedding was over, family eventually left town and Mom, Dad, and I moved hotels and we stayed in Soho. We spent several days site-seeing as much as we could. We took horse carriage rides in Central Park, went to see the Statue of Liberty, went to Times Square and visited the 3 story Toys R Us, went to see the High Line in the Meat Packing district with Mom's cousin, Karen, and basically tried to hit as many places as I would allow us to. My nap schedule and my crankiness dictated the trip, but all in all, I was a VERY well behaved baby. Something about taking the exciting subway, strolling around in my umbrella stroller where I could easily look out at everything, having tons of things to look at, and endless amounts of people to 'talk' to made it very entertaining for me and I didn't complain much. I was a trooper. In fact, Mom thought my personality really came out on this trip. I was saying 'Boo!' and laughing to random people at ALL TIMES, smiled at everyone that would look at me and give me attention, and was not shy one bit. I always managed to get everyone around us on the subway to look at me and laugh, do peek-a-boo, and 'Ooo' and 'Awww.' Mom was amazed at how much attention I managed to attract...she thinks the bright orange hair and my big smile have something to do with it...and the fact that I'm so darn cute too, of course.

Mom says she was spoiled having me with her every day (morning, noon, and night...I woke up 4 times a night because I was sharing a room with my parents) and once we got back, it was a shock to the system that she had to go back to work and couldn't spend every minute with me...it makes her sad! :( She doesn't know what to do to remedy the situation, but all she knows is that she loved being with me at all times...and I, of course, loved her undivided attention!

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