Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Few New Sentences

In addition to the small sentences that I mentioned yesterday, here are a few more of my favorites I like to repeat (over and over!)

"No, my __ (insert word here)"
"Do it by self"
"I did it!"
"I got it!"
"Take this home" (when I want a toy at the store)
"Here Mama/Dadda, hold hands"
"No Anky/Beya (Bianca/Bella), bad dogs!"
"My turn"
"Where are you Mama/Dadda?"
"I walk by self"
"more juice/milk/snack"
"Daddy/Mommy, this way!"
"Hi Daddy/Mommy, How are you?" Them: I'm fine, Heston and you? Me: I'm fine"
"Hold You" (when I want to be picked up and held)

When I think of more, I will update, because boy are there a bunch!


Kay said...
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Kay said...

The wording of my comment was not good, so I'm rewriting it. His sentences are adorable, and I love reading all of your postings. I look forward to what you will write next.

Kay said...

I just read all of Heston's tips for other babies. They are HILARIOUS!!! I laughed out loud so many times! What fun they were to read! The last one about "McGee," reminds me of an old radio show (WAY WAY before your time) that was called "Fibber McGee and Molly." It was a funny show, and when Fibber would say something dumb, his wife would say, "Not funny, McGee." It was a silly show, and maybe Tom somehow has heard someone use the McGee name in a funny way.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Nana! My posts have tapered off lately, but I'm trying to keep track of Heston's milestone development as best I can! It's fun to look back and see how far he's come!

Kay said...

I love his sentences, like "Take this home," when he wants something in the store. That is so cute and SMART!! I love his, "NO, Anky/Beya, bad dogs!" He is just too cute! I've got to come down there this summer and see that little guy and hear him talk. If you can come up here, that would be wonderful too!! said...

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